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    Money cannot intoxicate but greed can
    - Dr. Peter Achutha, 18 July 2009
    Congratulations President Trump on the bombing of the Syrian military base »

    Stopping visitors from the 7 Muslim countries

    President Trump, you are great. The order to stop visitors from the 7 Muslim countries is the best idea to come out for a long time. I do feel sorry for some of those innocent ones who got caught in between but we cannot trust the Muslims as many of them will not care for us.

    Book of Daniel

    The Muslims think they are superior to all other religions and everyone has to obey them. Worse still they have one law for themselves and another law for non-Muslims. They think they cannot be under the Christians or Jews and should not obey them. The Lord God taught them a lesson for this false teaching. Firstly, the Christian world, the Europeans, conquered and ruled over most of the world, Muslims and non-Muslims, from around the 16th century on wards. Secondly, the Muslims use a loud speaker at the top of the mosques, on a minaret to scream out their prayers. Did you know that the loudspeaker was invented by Christians? This means they are always under something Christian. Where am I going with this line of thinking? You will know soon enough.

    Muslims are desperate to prove they are superior

    There is this desperation among Muslims to prove they are superior in every aspect with no care for the rest of the world.

    You see, our Bank Negara, our Central Bank had been losing billions on speculative trades. Their speculations become bolder and bigger as they lost more and more money. All this trading activity by Bank Negara began in the 1980's when one of our Prime Ministers wanted to prove Islam is the greatest and most powerful religion in the world. They want the Muslim world to be so rich and powerful that they could control the world economy. Please read malaysia-today.net on forex scandal exposes dr ms hypocrisy minister says/ and malaysia-today.net on mahathir and daim deserted the sinking forex ship/

    The South East Asian Financial Crisis

    When the 1998 Financial Crisis hit Malaysia and the whole of South East Asia, the Malaysian government was in shear panic mode and did not know what to do. In fact most of the measures they undertook was making the economic conditions worse. It was only when I, a non-Muslim, began writing to the then Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir, that they undid many of the wrong solutions and began recovery of the economy. This panicky situation was because they had already lost billions of dollars in failed forex speculations.

    Not many Malaysians know that I invented an Alternative Theory of Economics after many years of research on my own. No one, no government grant, no bank, no angels, in Malaysia would fund the research as they said it was impossible to predict the markets.

    I could and I have been predicting stock market and commodity trends 1 to 3 years into the future. During the 1998 Financial Crisis I was the one who calculated and said that the currency would stabilize at RM3.80 = US$1 while George Soros was trying to push it to RM4.50 = US$1, and Mahathir set it so. In August 1998 I published a chart showing that the Bull Run that would last for 2 to 3 years, would begin in September 1998 so he introduced Capital Control on 2nd September 1998.

    Malaysian politicians were in dire straits

    These guys were desperate and panic stricken during the 1998 Financial Crisis so I wrote many letters to Mahathir through the Editor of the News Straits Times, guiding him on what to do and what not to do. I explained the high interest rates (24%) was not good and they reduce interest rates after that. I explained that during a recession banks should not pull back housing and car loans and not repossess car or houses as I had explained how long the recession would last. They changed the Non Performing Loans (NPL) time frame from 3 months to 6 or more months. When Proton, our local car manufacturer, production dropped to 1 shift per day for 3 or 4 days per week, I ran my car sales model and explained that they needed to bring Proton car prices down by 20%. When they did that car sales boomed overnight. By the way, almost all my letters to Mahathir were widely photocopied and circulated through the country and elsewhere. Even the Americans had copies of my letters. I know because I met a video shop owner who asked me whether I was the one who wrote those 'z,z' equations. I know a lot of my work is pirated in Malaysia but that is the type of country it is.

    They, the politicians, the cabinet, the government, the news media, were shocked that I had built extensive mathematical models to predict markets, explained the difference between inflation and hyperinflation, probability could be greater than 100%, the relationship between probability theory and wave theory, ... etc. After that no local university wanted me around. It was the Americans that awarded me a Doctorate in Economics for my theories and explanations. Just to let you know I coined the term 'Real Economy' and many other new concepts which are now used all over the world. The IMF was making many demands on Malaysia but my letters helped save Malaysia and their jobs and businesses.

    Greed to control my theories

    When Mahathir found out how extensive and excellent my mathematical models were, he wanted my technology under MTDC (Malaysian Technology Development Corporation) which is under UMNO - the Muslim political party. Since the Lord God forbid me to be funded by Mahathir's people I did not join them. Oh, by the way, they would not fund me earlier but they were funding foreign Muslims who scammed them of funds.

    Read Raja Perta Kamarudin's articles

    After I read Raja Petra Kamarudin's article I realized how desperate Mahathir was to get hold of my technology. He must have been really desperate as I am beginning to suspect these very powerful people have blacklisted me everywhere, for the last 18 years, so that I cannot get a job anywhere in Malaysia. That is the gratitude they show when you help them save the country from colossal economic collapse.

    Please read Raja Petra Kamarudin articles:-

    1. malaysia-today.net on forex scandal exposes dr ms hypocrisy minister says/
    2. malaysia-today.net on mahathir and daim deserted the sinking forex ship/
    3. malaysia-today.net on zeti has to come clean and tell the truth/
    4. malaysia-today.net on not a very good chinese new year for kit siang/
    5. malaysia-today.net on the rci will determine if mahathir is the biggest thief in malaysian history/

    I did not know until a few days ago, after reading Raja Petra Kamarudin's articles, how desperate the Muslim politicians were to make Islam the most powerful religion in the world. They wanted Islam to control the whole world and subject everyone under Islamic law but the Lord God defeated them at every turn. They could not even thank me for helping them to recover. The Lord God's judgement is on them and it will be on them until the 3rd or 4th generation.

    Be careful when dealing with Muslims

    Now, coming back to the 7 countries, don't trust them. These people want to make Islam great so they will cheat, lie, steal, bomb, destroy, kill, swindle, blockade and damage anything or anyone who is in their way.

    Be careful when dealing with Muslims.

    1. The Taj Mahal was fake news spread by the Muslims. See agniveer.com on taj mahal shiva temple 100 evidences part 8/. Wherever in the world they go to, the Muslims always corrupt anything that is not Islamic. Even look at Hinduism today, it has been corrupted by the Muslims. Today many Hindu's claim they are not allowed to eat pork. Where in the Bhagavad-Gita or in the Mahabharata is this act of not eating pork mentioned? Even the 5 Pandavas never mentioned not eating pork.

    2. Did you know that one of the oldest universities in the world was in India (I have not looked at China) and was started 1100 years before Prophet Mohammad was born? When the Muslims found out about it they burnt it to the ground and then claimed that a Muslim university was the oldest university in the world.

    3. Great news guys.

    university funding cuts
    university funding cuts
    university funding cuts
    university funding cuts

    The Lord God is passing judgement on our local universities. These guys had shown their hatred of me since 2000 and now they are receiving the Lord God's judgement for being wicked and mean. They were horrid people see my article bachutha.com on how to predict stocks and commodities like gold silver coffee sugar wheat/. They wanted me to be broke all my life and now look at them. I hope many of them will be unemployed for the next 20 years. 30% of these professors have lost their jobs. How wonderful. See how the Lord God passes judgement on them. Thank you Prime Minister Najib. See how the Lord God uses powerful people to carry out his judgement. Praise You Elohim, Praise you Elohim, Praise you Elohim, Thank you Elohim. Thank you Elohim. Thank you Elohim.

    4. Go back to the Map of Israel before the Roman Empire and you will see that Gaza and West Bank were part of Israel. The Egyptians and the Syrians attacked Israel during the 1973 Yom Kippur War on their Jewish holy day. The Lord God never forgave the Egyptians and the Syrians for that attack. Syria having tried to destroy Israel is now see the Judgement of the Lord God. What they wanted to happen to Israel has now happened to them. Did you notice the Lord God's judgement is on Syria and will last until the 3rd or 4th generation? From 1973 Yom Kippur War until 2017 is about two generations which means more judgement is coming their way.


    The Lord God Elohim, will not show any mercy for those who attack Israel or hate them. It's very painful for the Syrians but they are taking their own medicine - the Revenge of Karma. Even the Palestinians and Muslims are wrong to claim that Jerusalem is their holy city.

    When I was praying to our Lord God, I was told to read the Book Of Daniel as the events in the world today are described there. I am now trying to understand the Book of Daniel.

    This article on President Trump and the 7 Muslim nations was researched and written by Dr. Peter Achutha, 3rd February 2017.

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